Mezcaleria Las Flores – Testimonials

Great place! I visited Mezcaleria Las Flores last week with a friend and we definitely enjoyed dining in. It was very satisfying and we love everything we’ve ordered from the menu. I never knew this place existed not until my friend told me about it. Now, I think it will be a part of my favorite restaurants.

Rozen L.

This restaurant is perfect for celebrations and I am very happy that they allow people to make catering services for others! It really helped me create a big birthday party for my daughter and she loved it so much since this restaurant was her favorite as well. Now I was more than glad that I made her happy on her big day. Thank you so much Mezcaleria Las Flores.

Lera Q.

My family loved this place so much that they always come here every weekend. I can’t blame them though, because Mezcaleria Las Flores is really one of the top and the best restaurants in Illinois, Chicago. I only hope you build more and more branches in different counties or cities since it will be good to be discovered. A place like this should not be underrated and since it’s already famous in Chicago, I guess you better make a name in different places now.

Jack C.

It was really good to know about this restaurant because I loved their dishes and services ever since I first visited Mezcaleria Las Flores. The restaurant never fails to make me satisfied with their food and it makes me come back all the time. I don’t complain though because this has become one of my favorites so I’m more than happy to come back anytime.

Eline S.

Great services! It is really one of the best restaurants in Chicago but the only thing I want to suggest is that they let us buy online if ever that isn’t still possible.

Trisha P.