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Mezcaleria Las Flores – About Us

The Mezcaleria Las Flores was put up in Illinois, Chicago on November, 2017. It was a bit hard for the owners of this restaurant to create their own when there are already so many good and high-quality restaurants in Chicago by that time. However, the siblings who owned this restaurant were more than determined to make their dream come true and that is to have their own business and restaurant someday. One of them, the younger one, learned and studied how to cook food from different countries and cuisines. She successfully graduated with her wanted course and at such a young age, she pursued her wanted career with the help of her sister.

The one who was older was trained and educated to be a great restaurant owner. She learned how to cook as well and studied a lot about different cuisines to make sure that the dreams that they share will come true. Even at such young ages, they were very willed and determined for what they want to do. By the time that the younger one successfully graduated being a cook, they planned on their restaurant as soon as possible but not without having more experiences and working with other people in other places too.

After years of experiences and learning, they finally managed to try putting up their own restaurant in the year 2017. It was never easy and they actually had problems here and there in their first months of planning and deciding. But when November came, they knew they were more than capable of opening the restaurant for the people of Chicago. They believed in their effort, hardwork, knowledge, and in each other to successfully create a place they could be proud of. Now, the Mezcaleria Las Flores will continue to expand and be one of the greatest restaurants out there.