What Your Coffee Order Says About You

What Your Coffee Order Says About You

Just like your wardrobe, your coffee order can also say a lot about you. Some people are so much into one type of coffee that a day can’t pass without ordering it. And this is somewhat associated with your behavior, likes, or character. Now let’s find out what your coffee odder may be saying about you.

Flat white

This is just a basic coffee; you are neither an addict nor do you like it with many spices. This means that you want your coffee while it is in its most consumed form. This order will generally say nothing more about you than liking coffee.

Black Americano

Coffee with milk

You can discover more about coffee at FriedCoffee.com and find out about this black Americano. This coffee is robust as well as no-nonsense, so it is generally for the strong and no-nonsense people. People who order this type of coffee are not normal after the flavor. Instead, they choose it because they are tough guys.


This is just like a flat white, made with the same ingredients. However, the difference is that it is extravagantly mixed. However, as a man, you should not feel embrass3d to order a latte, but the problem is that many men do feel embarrassed.


This is the best coffee for those who are just beginning to get into the world of coffee. This is a very soft drink that can be taken in the morning and be me to love on with the rest of the day.

Iced Frappucino


This is a fresh and iced coffee that acts as an alternative to the hot coffee. This usually is for the self-discerning gentlemen.If you are a coffee drinker, by now, you probably know your category. However, this should not prevent you from drinking other types of coffee.