What Is Rakija Made Of

What Is Rakija Made Of

Rakija is Croatia’s wine. This win is usually made from easy to find fruits such as plums as pears and grapes. This intensely flavored wine may have honey, herbs, and even mistletoe. The ingredients vary according to region. The concentration of rakija can be around 40% ABV.

Still, in the case of homemade rakija, the concentration can be approximately 50% to about 80%, and in some cases, it can go high up to 90%.

This wine is also available across Europe, it is known as grappa in Italy and palinka in Hungary. Plums, grapes, and plums are the most known base fruit that is fermented to make rakija in Italy, Hungary, and indeed Croatia; we have other unique blends that you will find in various parts of the country.


When in Europe, almost all meals in any serbian restaurant near me will be accompanied with a shot of glass. Rakija is usually slipped from a shot of glasses. Drinking rakija is not just proof of manhood, but it has a lot of health benefits. Some of the benefits include

It extends your life span

This is one of the many benefits of drinking rakija. Drinking high amounts of alcohol can shorten your life span, but drinking moderate amounts of rakija extends your life span because of the antioxidants that are found in it. The antioxidants help your body by fighting radicals, which are the leading cause of aging.

Relieve stress

Taking rakija in moderate amounts acts on your nervous system in a unique way that you feel relaxed.

Reduces the risks of heart attack and stroke


Rakija prevents the deposition of cholesterol in your body, especially on your cardiovascular system, thus reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.Rakija is a special type of wine that is made from easily found fruits.