What Happens If You Eat Healthy But Don't Exercise

What Happens If You Eat Healthy But Don’t Exercise

We have all heard of people who argue that they do not need to go to the gym or rather exercise because they look healthy or simply because they eat healthy. Eating healthy simply means eating a balanced diet or as advised by your nutritionist.

This is just but a myth, because eating healthy and exercising are two different things. When you eat healthy, you are able to observe weight gain, supply the body with specific nutrients to fight diseases, and give your body the required energy for development, growth, and working.

However, when you eat healthy but fail to exercise, the following happens; read this article

1. Inability to fight diseases.


Eating healthy is simply an assurance that the body gets the right nutrients that protect your body from certain diseases. However, it is through exercising that we make our bodies strong enough to fight most diseases. For instance, by doing cardio- exercises, you make the heart strong enough to distribute blood throughout the body without failure. This is something healthy food won’t help with.

2. Lack of mental, physical, and emotional fitness.

When you eat healthy but lack exercise, you deny yourself, mental, physical, and emotional fitness. It is through exercise that we relieve stress, enhance our mood, and also keep our bodies physically fit.

When we are physically fit, we are able to do any task with less strain.

3. Inability to observe healthy weight.

No matter how healthy you eat, your genes will always affect your weight. If your genetic background is of people prone to obesity, you will definitely have issues with your weight. By not exercising, you put your body at the risk of obesity and weight-related diseases.


It is, therefore, advisable to always eat healthy and exercise for the body to acquire the required equilibrium to push you through a healthy life.

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