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Does anyone here need a new place to visit in Chicago? Are you a tourist, a foreigner, or simply looking for a good restaurant to dine in? Well, if you are from out of town, then all you have to do is open your garage doors in Florida, get your car, and drive toward this restaurant. If you are a tourist, you better spend your trip or vacation with this restaurant that will surely give you the best experience.
Mezcaleria Las Flores | Food
Mezcaleria Las Flores
There is a newly put up restaurant in Illinois, Chicago and it is definitely catching more attention than a newly built place should. As a fan of great restaurants, it has always been my hobby to search for new or old places I could visit whether it is local or not. I always take time for my food adventure every month and just on the last two weeks of April, I accidentally encountered this place when I was running late for work, or should I say- I found it by fate. It was really an interesting sight to see from outside so I did not hesitate to keep the name of the restaurant in my mind and made sure I search for it later.

Find a good restaurant in Chicago

The night that day when I got home, I immediately looked up for that restaurant and found their website. It was then that I knew they were new and it was just put up a few months ago, that explains why it wasn’t familiar to me. Mezcaleria Las Flores was something refreshing and new to me as well as to Illinois, Chicago but it is definitely attracting a lot of people. In fact, there were quite a lot of people dining inside when I caught a glimpse of the place through the glass walls. I grew interested and curious about it since it gives a great impression even just by looking at it outside and so, when I got my free time, I went to the restaurant and dined there.

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Tasty Breakfast

I never expected that the place is more breathtaking inside than just by looking at it from afar and outside! The classic and comfortable feeling inside was very welcoming and I love the warmth of the place as if you are more than welcome to step inside the beautiful place.

Birthdays & Events

The interior designs are very beautiful and you could tell that the owners did really well in designing the place. And when it was down to food and their dishes, the place seemed more beautiful than ever.

Fresh Coffee

Mezcaleria Las Flores perfectly created their original menu and some of the world’s famous foods that are loved by many. It was very satisfying and I couldn’t help but be thankful to dine at a great restaurant.
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Mezcaleria Las Flores

Again, if you are a tourist, you better now just pass by this restaurant on your way because you must dine in and indulge in their amazing food. If you are a local like me, however, I’m sure some of you still don’t know about the Mezcaleria Las Flores and you better do. I guarantee that you will enjoy dining at this incredible restaurant. Replica omega

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